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About Us


Changing The Game

At Grandeur Capital Management (Grandeur Capital) we believe that capital alone isn't enough to propel a business to achieve global success. To this end, we have developed a revolutionary, game-changing method in the way investment is done.

By bringing together the growing community of investors, fund managers, companies and their advisors, we have created a unique collaborative platform that seeks to encourage global networking that offers support, increase awareness and an access to extraordinary investment opportunities.

This network is further strengthened by a strategic partnership between Grandeur Capital and other A-list companies that provide additional support services such as fund management, financial and legal advisory, loyalty program and other services that is vital to the network.

Grandeur Capital's aim is to empower our members through this extraordinary collaborative platform in order that we make the right investment choices and maximize our financial gains together.

About Us

Grandeur Capital Management (Grandeur Capital) was formed by a group of successful and experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen from diverse industries. Each of our founding members are successful entrepreneurs and investors in their own right. Many of them have started their own successful start-up business and are now venturing into other industries such as oil and gas, tech companies, hospitality industries, mining and commodities amongst others.

Having faced the many challenges that may have deterred many in achieving success, Grandeur Capital founding members now focus their attention into helping others to achieve financial success.

Grandeur Capital founding members saw a need for an efficient way to pool resources and channel it into a successful investment venture. Thus, Grandeur Capital collaborative platform was created to empower our members through a combination of financial education, wealth coaching, face-to-face networking and ultimately the access to extraordinary investment opportunities and outstanding financial returns.

Grandeur Capital collaborative platform members are made up of investors, entrepreneurs, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have vast experience in founding, funding and building companies that are bankable and ultimately fit for public listing. Grandeur Capital collaborative platform members also come from a wide spectrum of industries, thus creating an extensive network of entrepreneurial support.

Grandeur Capital is not a fund management company and we DO NOT invest on behalf of our members. Instead we encourage our members to collaborate on investment opportunities that have been brought in by fellow members, entrepreneurs and fund managers. Each member will make his or her own investment decisions after accessing and reviewing all information that was being shared.

Through this extensive network, we would embark on managing special projects such as incubation, venture capital and portfolio investment, on behalf of our members. Our support extends to mentoring and coaching selected potential entrepreneurs, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.

Our Objectives

Grandeur Capital's key objective is to create a business community where members collaborate in creating wealth for its members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an engaged and smart investment environment in an effort to enhance the opportunities for entrepreneurs to be smartly financed and succeed in the world stage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our members by building a collaborative platform that would provide an alternative channel for investment opportunities thus generating wealth to all our members.

Our Core Value

With an extensive network of members coming from a wide spectrum of industries, Grandeur Capital core value is to mitigate risks through consistent and reliable information sharing between members thus multiplying capital flow.