Grandeur Capital
Chairman's Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to Grandeur Capital Management. I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit this website to learn more about our revolutionary collaborative platform that promises to be a more rewarding and efficient system for your investment money.

We have established this extraordinary platform where entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, fund managers and other financial professionals could come together to collaborate, create and share investment opportunities no other fund companies could offer. To date, we have already received an immense positive response from the industry and have been extremely busy negotiating further support from our strategic partners. I really hope that you will join me in this extraordinary venture and grow together in creating a better lifestyle not just for ourselves but also for the society that we live in.

Despite our short history, I am confident that we will make many successful advances in the near future as I am working with a motivated operations team consisting of highly qualified professionals from around the world, each offering a variety of skills and perspectives. We draw from this tremendous source of committed talent to build and support this collaborative platform so that you and your fellow members of Grandeur Capital Management could get the professional support of profound significance from us.

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to my fellow board and founding members for working together and sharing our vision, without which, this remarkable enterprise could not possibly be brought to fruition.

Thank you.

Ronan Harbison

About Our Chairman

Ronan Harbison is an investor of new start-ups specialising in the financial, tech and media sectors with a property portfolio. Mr Harbison has served at the European Commission for over 28 years. In his various roles within the European Commission, he has been involved in the management and implementation of EU policies on energy set by member states, international organisations and stakeholders in the energy sector.