Grandeur Capital
Our Strategy

Grandeur Capital works by creating a community of business people working towards a common vision: creating an effective capital mechanism that will guarantee extraordinary returns. The Grandeur Capital collaborative platform is an effective network where members get to present and share ideas, collaborate and make their own investment decision.

Grandeur Capital has identified key areas of investment that members could effectively collaborate in creating an effective capital mechanism. These key areas are:

Business Incubation

With a network of members coming from a wide spectrum of industries, entrepreneurs or start-up business owners will greatly benefit from a pool of resources that not only consist of capital injection but also business advisory and training that the Grandeur Capital collaborative platform would be able to provide.

Venture Capital

Members of the Grandeur Capital collaborative platform are encouraged to explore potential companies that offer one-of-a-kind innovative products. Members could further collaborate amongst themselves to fund potential companies from initial series-A round right through to the eventual exit event.

Portfolio Investment

As a fast gain venture, Grandeur Capital Community members are also encouraged to look into the potential of portfolio investment. Interested members could collaborate together with advisory help from one of our strategic partners or fellow members who are well versed in this area.