Grandeur Capital
Philanthropic Foundation

Our Vision

To help build a world where humanity and compassion rules the heart of every capable human being.

Our Mission

To assist and support those who work towards the advancement of underprivileged people of the world.

Grandeur Hope Foundation (GHF) is a non-profit organisation exists exclusively for the purpose of the advancement of the underprivileged. GOF is engaged in fund raising and community service work to raise awareness and assist those who are in need - orphans, the disabled, the elderly, the abandoned and many other underprivileged members of society.

GHF is a foundation under the auspices of Grandeur Capital Management. We work closely with various registered charities and NGOs in providing support and funding. All charitable organisations under GHF go through a stringent selection process to ensure full transparency and liability that our funding will go to its intended purposes.

GHF is inspired from a word written on a pavement seen by one of the founding members of Grandeur Capital. The word, done by a homeless child, inspired him and a moment of epiphany was struck. He was so awed and inspired that he then proceeded to buy some supplies and donate them to the appreciative child and his street friends.

Upon his return, he related his experience to his peers and this story resonate amongst the founders of Grandeur Capital that they soon formed Grandeur Hope Foundation. The word on the pavement that inspired this extraordinary venture was HOPE.

Thus, Grandeur Hope Foundation was born. To us, HOPE stands for Hold On, the Pain Ends. This acronym is a witty take on a serious issue - the pain of adversity can end as long as there is hope.